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BEAUTYWORLD MIDDLE EAST Beautyworld Middle East fair gathering World’s leading companies in cosmetics sector will be held in Dubai this year between May 8-10. 1570 companies from 57 countries will be participating the fair. We, as ABC Detergent, will be participating to this fair second time with our home cleaning and personal care products.
ABC DETERGENT IN ETHIOPIA ABC Detergent within Turkish trade delegation established in order to create new business and investment opportunities for Ethiopia introduced its brand and products in Ethiopia on 23-24 March.
Our ISO 27001 Policy

Our Esteemed Business Partners and Shareholders,

As ABC Detergent, we believe that the increase of administrative efficiency and strength is crucial in reaching our mission-vision and company strategic goals.

We adopt the procurement and sustainability of information security as a principle in supporting processes such as network and substructure, communication, software, information technology support services and all related business processes and human resources, accounting and finance processes creating the scope of BGYS that we provide to our business partners and shareholders.

As ABC Detergent our main goals in Information Security are as follows:

• To minimize the damage that can be experienced as being originated from information security by managing information security efficiently,

• To decrease the possibility of experiencing information security breach and to respond in coordination in case of such event,

• To prevent the interruptions which may be experienced in critical business processes, and, in the event of no prevention, to make it operate again within the aimed saving period,

• To make all business processes integrated, harmonious and balanced with each other,

• To comply with all legislation and contracts drawn up with third parties (business partners, customers, suppliers) related to information security,

• To provide the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of our customers’ information assets within the scope of Information Security Management System,

• To protect our reputation and brand value in front of our employees, customers, suppliers and public,

• To make Information Security Management System to be improved continuously.


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