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BEAUTYWORLD MIDDLE EAST Beautyworld Middle East fair gathering World’s leading companies in cosmetics sector will be held in Dubai this year between May 8-10. 1570 companies from 57 countries will be participating the fair. We, as ABC Detergent, will be participating to this fair second time with our home cleaning and personal care products.
ABC DETERGENT IN ETHIOPIA ABC Detergent within Turkish trade delegation established in order to create new business and investment opportunities for Ethiopia introduced its brand and products in Ethiopia on 23-24 March.

“In ABC Detergent, product and chemical raw material production is carried out in five separate production facilities established in an area of total 85.000 m² in Bahçe county of Osmaniye.”

Powder Detergent Production

In the production of powder detergent, “constant production process” is applied to provide system and process efficiency. In this system, solid and liquid raw materials are mixed in a agitation tank  where very fast chemical reactions occur and turn into a creamy solution. This solution is turned into base powder detergent by drying in an optimum heat in drying tower.

Perfume is added to this base detergent with raw materials that will increase cleaning performance with highly sensitive equipment, and the detergent is packaged. Each stage of our production is monitored by automation supported by computer.

Production of Chemical Semi-Finished Goods

In chemical semi-finished goods production facilities, the production of chemical raw materials which are used in both cleaning and personal care products is implemented. These productions are carried out with a full automation system just as the powder detergent production and in three separate facilities. Production is implemented in a completely closed system, untouched by human hands, for the purpose of keeping product quality and environment and work safety at maximum level.

Semi-finished goods manufactured in our facilities are sold to companies which carry out business in chemistry and textile sector as well as the usages in our own productions.

Liquid Group Productions

Liquid productions are implemented with “batch process”. Since different liquid products are manufactured in our facility, production tanks and filling machines in various type and qualities of are used. The water used in our products is extracted from approximate 110 meters of depth in the facility; demineralization is implemented on water after necessary filtration procedures, the foreign materials which are available in the water as ions are removed and microbiological purification is enabled by processing it from UV system. After ionization and microbiology tests, it is used in production.

Raw materials to be used to prepare our liquid products are given to formulation tanks with the right ratios and sequence in process flow diagrams. The sequence of raw materials and amount precision, suitable formulation tank and mixture speed choices are very important.  The entire process is monitored from a screen by operators.

Products prepared in formulation tanks are packaged in suitable filling machines. Liquid product filling procedures are carried out, untouched by human hands, in fully closed system and automatic or semiautomatic machines.

Cosmetics Production

The production is carried out in hygienic conditions in our two separate cosmetics productions facilities untouched by human hands in both formulation preparation and filling and packaging stages in closed system.

“Good Manufacturing Practices” are applied for cosmetic productions. In this procedure, it is determined that how all parameters affecting human health and product and production safety are controlled. The personnel who works in this department must be trained about “Good Manufacturing Practices”, beginning from the work clothes to standards on entry to production facility, and repeat these trainings periodically.

Bottle Production

Production is implemented in eight separate machine with over 100 molds, most of which designs belong to ABC Detergent. Almost all of the bottles we use are manufactured in this facility and some part of our production is sold to companies which use bottles.

In our bottle facility, granule raw material which we supplied from domestic and foreign suppliers is melted in suitable and optimum heat, and formed in molds and sent for filling procedure. The manufactured bottles pass automatically from “hole test device”, thus potential problem during filling and packaging stage is prevented. Durability test is applied on manufactured bottles, also their volumes, raw material distributions and basis weights are constantly controlled. 

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